10 books I'm reading now 7/20/13

1) The Cushion in the Road, meditation and wandering as the whole world awakens to being in harm’s way, by Alice Walker.    

2) The New Digital Age, reshaping the future of people, nations and business, by Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen.    

3) Radical Abundance, how a revolution in nanotechnology will change civilization, by K. Eric Drexler.    

4) Impossible Odds, the kidnapping of Jessica Buchanan and her dramatic rescue by SEAL team 6, by Jessica Buchanan & Erik Landemalm with Anthony Flacco.  

5) Whitey Bulger, America’s most wanted gangster and the manhunt that brought him to justice, by Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy.    

6) The Violinist’s Thumb, and other lost tales of love, war, and genius, as written by our genetic code, by Sam Kean.  

7) Present Shock, when everything happens now, by Douglas Rushkoff.  

8) Midnight in Mexico, a reporter’s journey through a country’s descent into darkness, by Alfredo Corchado.  

 9) The Revenge of Geography, what the map tells us about coming conflicts and the battle against fate, by Robert D. Kaplan.  

10) The Book of Woe, the DSM and the unmaking of psychiatry, by Gary Greenberg.