5 Further Interpretation

5 Further interpretation. Now if you couple this information brothers with the instructions given by Inayat Khan (tho as SAM points out we don’t really know or can’t be sure of their authenticity, as SAM says in his own letter to Barkat Ali of 17thNov. 1963.

In any case he seems to have accepted the authenticity of the “the completed copy of such of the teachings for Murshids that come from Pir-o-Murshid HIK Hazrat Inayat Khan] & are in his hands in regular order.” SAM.

I assume that the papers which are in my own files that are called the 11thyear papers for Murshids are exactly the same papers as SAM referred to as they were copied & sent to me from your office. If not please send any additional material in this area. So given that these papers are the same & coupling the instructions received from SAM’s  Pir-o-Murshid Barkat Ali. Why is SALAT not being given to Murids as a practice per Inayat Khan’s recommendation that such practice should be given to Murids for at least three months coupled with an injunction that if the Murid does not succeed in this there is no hope? [bold mine].