April 11, 1978, notes from Moin & Shabda's talk

Moineddin is seen in these notes as taking charge of organizational matters. His helpers include Shabda, Iqbal, Hassan, Jayanara, and Ramabai. Particularly touching are the “rules” for the Candidates Class and the program (“lunch before returning home”) for the prospective “monthly hikes.” The language (“fuller expression and scope”) and spirit of the last paragraph under 1) has the fragrance of Murshid Sam, who wished these things for those under his care, students, mureeds, disciples, however you want to label them.



1) Marin County: Shabda will lead weekly Dance Meeting: Shabda will conduct weekly Githa/Sangatha program on Thursday evenings. It appears that Shabda will begin his new programs in earnest in September, after the summer break, although the Dance Meetings will continue through the summer.

Consideration should be given to the formation of a well-functioning Healing Circle in Marin County.

Iqbal has indicated that he would like to lead a Zikar/Sama on Friday evenings. Also, Iqbal has mentioned that he would like to conduct the weekly Candidate’s Class; this class should run for 10 or 12 weeks at a time. Rules should be set for this class: for instance, if a Candidate misses 2 or 3 classes in a row for no good reason, then they must start over from the beginning.

Sitara’s Monday evening Women’s Class is largely composed of Sonoma County women; whether or not this class continues to be held in Marin County remains to be seen.

At the moment, Hassan and Jayanara teach the only Marin County Gatha program, on Saturday mornings at the Garden of Inayat. This is sufficient for the present, but with any sizeable influx of new Candidates or Mureeds the program may have to be expanded.

There is some talk of Amin and Shabda conducting monthly hikes in the vicinity of Mt. Tamalpais. These outings would be primarily for mureeds and candidates, to be culminated with a Zikar upon reaching the goal, followed by a lunch before returning home.

Any of the Sheikhs or Khalifs of Marin County should feel free to establish programs which will permit them fuller expressin and scope. Murshid definitely wanted the advanced disciples to share their realizations with those less advanced. Yet, as Moineddin has asked Shabda to be the chief coordinator for the Marin County work, please work with Shabda as you would work with Murshid. This is not necessarily each work, nor is it especially difficult—if we all pitch in and see the whole picture before us.

2) Sonoma County: Moineddin and Fatima will be moving to establish a large Khankahin Petaluma, 758 D Street, around the 1stof June. We are being joined by a number of very fine mureeds, and the Khankah will house some 11 adults and 3 children. Allauddin and Zamyat and their family have recently purchased a small farm near Sebastopol, which they have graciously offered to the Ruhaniat to use as a Retreat Center. There will be a natural gravitation of mureeds to this new Petaluma Center House, inshallah; for instance, the Novato mureeds will no doubt comt to Petaluma for their Githas, etc. because it is only a 10 minute drive from Novato.

At present, there is a weekly Dance Meeting being held at the Santa Rosa Unitarian Fellowship (Todd and Stony Point Roads). It would appear that Moineddin and Ramabai will oversee the direction of this meeting. Thursday Githas/Sangathas will continue as usual at 8 pm. Other programs will develop apace, as we are able to implement them, inshallah. A housewarming for the Petaluma Khankah will be held, to be announced later, starting at 10 a.m. with a Worship Service, followed by a pot-luck feast and Dancing on the grounds.

Also, the Gatha Class that Shabda prdesently teaches to the Sonoma mureeds every Sunday evening in Cotati will move to the Petaluma Khankah where Moineddin will initially teach this group. No doubt Moineddin will turn over this class to Salaman Coy at some point. Finally, Shemseddin will probably teach the Candidate’s Class at the new Khankah.