April 12, 1978, letter to Taj

April 12, 1978

Dearest Taj Inayat,

God’s peace be with you!

I’m dictating this while on the machine, so hope my words come across somewhat clearly anyway. Your recent letter (the one with all the typos) is appreciated very much.

Your interest in Amnesty International certainly would seem to be inspired by Noor Inayat, as you say. Dr. Zaid reminds me of so many of the actual Sufis Murshid knew and talked about—human beings not always connected with Islamic orthodoxy, but scientists and citizens of the world generally. You have expressed your attunement with this work so very clearly as part of the overall embrace of the World Mother.

I look forward, indeed with eagerness, to studying Pir Vilayat’s article in the latest Message, “The Coevolution of Science and Meditation.” But I want to be in a clear head before attempting to scale the heights of Pir’s inspired integrative thinking.

I enclose a copy of a conversation between Shada and myself to discuss the future of the Ruhaniat’s work in Marin and Sonoma Counties. As you can gather, the loan came through for us for the Petaluma house, alhamdulillah! Yes, everyone involved was tested well beyond the normal 110% that Allah asks of Sufis. Ut, inshallah, it shall have been worth every iota of effort. As our mutual friend Joe Miller said yesterday over the telephone: “I’m keeping the juice turned on until you’ve actually moved in.” Now that’s what I call living in a real Khankah—which is to be kept within the heart of an enlightened Soul, structures aside. Yet in this case even the structure seems divinely intended; will send color snapshots as soon as copies can be made.

Happy to hear that you have purchased a 4-WD Subaru; I have always been interested in that particular vehicle ever since seeing one for the first time a couple of winters ahgo near Lake Tahoe. We hope it performs well for you, in the mud and all. I can imagine that after three Abode winters your Datsun must have been only too happy to expire.

The best of good cheer and God’s blessings be with you for the birth! News of Nathan and Seraphiel is delightful, and give our love to Pir and other good friends.

I sent Zehra full blessings to transfer to your guidance. She is so very special. You be well too.