April 13, 1978, left outs

April 13, 1978 left outs:

 ● an April 12, 1978 carbon of a letter to Taj Inayat [my ex-wife, the consort of Pir Vilayat and mother of Pir Zia] “dictated while on the [dialysis] machine”, in which he expresses eagerness to study Pir Vilayat’s article in the latest Message, “The Coevolution of Science and Meditation,” remarking, “I want to be in a clear head before attempting to scale the heights of Pir’s inspired integrative thinking.” To read the whole letter, click here. He includes

 ● a copy of a conversation between “Shabda and myself to discuss the future of the Ruhaniat’s work in Marin and Sonoma, called NOTES FROM MOINEDDIN AND SHABDA’S TALK, 4/11/78. To read all the NOTES, click here. Also included

 ● a copy of a letter dated April 4, 1978 from a mureed named Ahmad from Escondido California who writes, “I remember someone telling me the story of when the Boston center was just getting started, and Mansur dancing in an enormous hall all by himself--& doing it for two months before anyone came. And I thought then (as I do now) what a beautiful story it was, and in my mind’s eye I could see Mansur all alone in this great hall, turning, turning, turning in a serene state of ecstasy.” [A great story, but I was never alone at a dance.]

 This was written on the occasion of Ahmad’s initiation of Ed Killeran and his beginning to function as a center with one mureed. To read the whole letter, click here