April 27, 1978

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In this letter Moineddin identifies the author, Ahmad McCarty, of the letter mentioned in left outs from April 13, 1978.

Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society

Main County Office: Hurkalya

147 Humboldt Avenue

San Anselmo, California 94960

Dear Mansur,

And peace be with you!

Speaking of souls: It takes one to know one.

 Was really happy to hear that your letter to the governor of Puerto Rico was fully researched. (I’m a little tired this morning, but not too tired to say, “YA FATAH!”)

Ahmad McCarty used to be a Muni dispatcher, did regular secretarial work for Wali Ali and played flute at the Monday night meetings until his move to start a center in Escondido a couple of years ago. He fist came to a Dharma Night meeting six or seven years ago. He was in his early fifties then, and had been trained in an Order of Rosicrucians to their eleventh degree. I said he would have to start as a first year mureed with the Sufis. He did, and his progress has been marvelous—save that he suffers from the common affliction of thinking himself less than he is. (I do not know if he has ever met you personally, or just plugs into the increasing records and stories regarding Murshid’s disciples that keep the akasha interesting.)

Trust you had a good workshop in Telluride.

Fatima and Iqbal just signed the title papers on our new house in Petaluma yesterday. Snapshot enclosed.

Loved your simile about cold air issuing from the pages of a book taken into your sauna.

Wish this note could be more conscious, but some days just start out slow. I didn’t however, prepare a nice fruit compote for breakfast this morning. Lots of love and light to Geneve, all the children and to your noble Self.

As-salaam aleikhum,