Dramatis Personae

Principal Characters (422)

in Alphabetical Order


Adams, Ansel: (1902-1984) a legendary, fine-art photographer of wild America.

Adamson, R.L.: associated with Aquarian Arcane College in Liverpool, Australia.

Affifi, Abul Ela: wrote The Mystical Philosophy of Muhyid Din-Ibnul Arabi.

Ahmed, Shamseddin (aka S. Ahmed): a disciple in Lahore, Pakistan.

Akbar, Emperor: (aka Akbar the Great) (1542-1605) a wise and enlightened ruler.

Alawi, Shaikh Ahmad al-: (aka Sidi El-Alawi) subject of Martin Lings’ A Sufi Saint of the 20th Century; recognized Murshid’s makam when he came to San Francisco.

Albanese, Margaret: a poet friend of Murshid.

Ali, Sufi Barkat: Murshid’s Murshid in Pakistan.

Alpert, Richard: see Ram Dass.

Amertat: see Fred Cohn.

Amin: (aka Stan Quance) a disciple, b. 1943.

Amina: (aka Katherine Erikson) a disciple, b. 1941.

Anandashram: in Kanhangad, South India; the ashram founded by Papa Ramdas.

Arasteh, Reza: wrote Rumi the Persian.

Arberry, A.J.: (1905-1969) English translator of Rumi and others.

Aristophanes: (c. 448-380 BC) Greek playwright.

Arlock, William: associated with Great Books of the Western World.

Arthur, Gavin: (1901-1972) astrologer; grandson of U.S. president Chester Arthur; friend of Murshid.

Ashby, Thad and Rita: Mansur’s LSD connection in Mexico.

Ashvaghosa: (or Avaghosa) (AD 80-150) considered India’s greatest poet until Kalidasa in the fifth century.

Atiya: (aka Charlotte Brautlacht) hosted Murshid, Saul, and Mansur in Seattle.

Atkinson, Dr. Henry: secretary of the World Church Peace Union.

Auliya, Nizamuddin: (1238-1325) a saint of the Chishti Order; disciple of Fariduddin Ganjshakar; teacher of Amir Khusro.

Austin, Jack: a friend of Murshid in England; edited The Western Buddhist.

Austin, Leonard: a personal friend of Murshid.

Avalokitesvara: the Bodhisattva of compassion in Buddhism.

Azam: an Israeli Arab.


Baba, Meher: (1894-1969) an Indian avatar; attracted Rabia Martin, whose

successor, Ivy Duce, Baba supported to start Sufism Reoriented.

Baer, Steve: designed the architectural dome at Lama Foundation.


Bahm, Archie J.: (1907-1996) philosophy professor at the University of New Mexico.

Bailey, Alice A.: (1880-1949) a popular psychic.

Baipal, K.S.: Consul General at the Indian Consulate in San Francisco.

Baptiste, Walt and Magana: yoga teacher friends of Murshid.

Barbara: (aka Ayesha Moffat) a disciple, b. 1944; mother of Summer.

Basira: (aka Gypsy Updike) a disciple, b. 1946.

Beck, L. Adams: wrote Garden of Vision.

Begg, W.D.: (aka Mirza Wahiduddin) from Ajmer, India; newsletter editor; wrote

The Holy Biography of Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Hasa Chishti and The Big Five

of Sufism in India.

Bell, Gertrude: (1868-1926) traveled in the Middle East; friend of Lawrence of


Besant, Annie: (1847-1933) a leader of the Theosophical movement.

Best, Joyce: from Middlesex, England; the daughter of a longtime Sufi.

Bethmann, Erich W.: director of research at American Friends of the Middle East

in Washington, D.C.

Bhajan, Yogi: (1929-2004) kundalini yoga master from India.

Bhakti (Engle): mother of Jelila Fraley; wife of Fatha Engle, who was one of Hazrat

Inayat Khan’s secretaries.

Bibijan: the aunt of Saadia Khawar Khan; (not to be confused with Suzanne

D’Mitrieff aka Bibijan).

Blighton, Father: (aka Rev. Earl) founded The Holy Order of MANS in San


Bloom, Alfred: professor at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

Bois, J. Samuel: author of The Art of Awareness: a text on General Semantics.

Brand, Stewart: editor of the Whole Earth Catalog.

Brautlacht, Charlotte: see Atiya.

Brinner, Dr. William M.: chairman of the Department of Near East Languages at

UC Berkeley.

Bruner, Helen D.: director of public relations for American Friends of the Middle


Brunton, Paul: (1898-1981) wrote A Search in Secret India.

Bucke, Richard M.: author of Cosmic Consciousness.

Buddha: (c. 560-480 BC) the fountainhead of Buddhism, born in India.

Bulwer-Lytton, George Edward: (1803-1873) wrote The Coming Race.

Burbank, Luther: a horticulturalist; knew Inayat Khan; lived in Santa Rosa,


Burckhardt, Titus: wrote Introduction to Sufi Doctrine, b. 1908.

Burdick, Eugene and William Lederer: wrote the novels The Ugly American and


Burton, Phillip: (1926-1983) U.S. Representative from California.

Byron, Lord: (aka George Gordon) (1788-1824) English Romantic poet.

C Caen, Herb: columnist with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Cage, John: (1912-1992) experimental musician and composer.

Cameron, George: (aka Yusuf) a secretary of Pir Vilayat’s.

Carl: see Moineddin.

Carlebach, Schlomo: (1925-1994) the singing rabbi; founded the House of Love


and Prayer in San Francisco and Moshav Or Modiin, near Tel Aviv, Israel.

Carpenter, Edward: Walt Whitman‘s teacher.

Carson, Rachel: (1907-1964) wrote Silent Spring.

Carter, Boake: radio commentator, b. 1899; said, “In time of war the first casualty

is truth.”

Carus, Paul: (1852-1919) American philosopher, born and educated in Germany;

wrote The Gospel of Buddha.

Cassim, Dr. K.M.P. Mohammed: a correspondent of Murshid’s from Ceylon.

Cayce, Edgar: (aka the sleeping prophet) (1877-1945) a popular psychic and

medical clairvoyant; established Association for Research and Enlightenment

(ARE) in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Cayce, Hugh Lynn: son of Edgar Cayce, associated with ARE.

Cerminara, Gina: wrote Many Mansions.

Chandrasekar, Dr.: India’s best demographer, according to Murshid.

Channon, Ram Lal: Murshid’s Indian guru for secular affairs.

Chatterji, Dr. S.C.: professor at Calcutta University in India; teacher of Haridas


Chaudhuri, Haridas: (1913-1975) sent to the United States by Sri Aurobindo;

founded the Cultural Integration Fellowship in San Francisco in 1951.

Chishti, Khawaja Moinuddin: (1141-1236) founded the Chishti Order of Sufis in

Ajmer, India.

Clark (Brown): a pre-1967 disciple of Murshid.

Clary, William: art dealer in San Francisco.

Clemenceau, Georges: (1841-1929) appointed Prime Minister of France in 1917.

Clifton, Robert: (aka Phra Sumangalo) a Buddhist who witnessed the effects of

U.S. foreign policy in S.E. Asia.

Cogswell, Sibley: a disciple, b. 1947.

Cohen, Alan, PhD: a representative of Meher Baba.

Cohn, Fred: (aka Amertat) a disciple, b. 1943, director of the film Sunseed.

Cohn, Julie: a disciple, Fred Cohn’s wife.

Cook, Ruth: an employee of Field’s Book Store in San Francisco.

Cooper, John Sherman: (1901-1991) a Republican U.S. Senator from Kentucky.

Corda, Sheikha Vera: (aka Vera Van Voris) a contemporary of Murshid’s whom he

made a Sheikha.

Cowell, Henry: (1897-1965) American composer and author; teacher of John Cage.

Crumb, R.: an underground, San Francisco cartoonist.


Dalton, John: (1766-1844) English chemist and physicist.

Daniel (Lomax): (aka Abdul-rahman) a disciple, b. 1944; one of Murshid’s


Dara: (aka Buzz Rowell) accompanied Sheila to India.

Davenport, Clara: (aka Selima) a disciple, b. 1944; wife of Phillip Davenport,

mother of Kevin and Shirin; Mansur’s Greek dance partner.

Davenport, Phillip: (aka Vasheest) (1943-2001) a disciple; husband of Selima,

father of Kevin and Shirin; editor of the revived San Francisco Oracle; lead sheet

writer for the Grateful Dead; singer in the Sufi Choir.

David-Neel, Alexandria: author of books about Tibet, e.g. Magic and Mystery in Tibet.

Deed, D.M.: wrote an article on Jonah.

Devi: (aka Debbie Churney) a disciple, b. 1952.


Dignaga: (AD 480-540) Indian Buddhist philosopher and logician.

Diskul, Princess Poon Pismai: Thailand’s president of the World Fellowship of

Buddhists from 1963-1984; attended the Temple of Understanding conference

in Geneva.

Dixon, Jeane: (1918-1997) a popular psychic.

D’Mitrieff, Suzanne: (aka Bibijan) Pir Vilayat’s secretary in Los Angeles.

D’Olivet, Fabre: (1767-1825) French philologist, mystic, and Hebrew scholar.

Donkin, William: wrote Wayfarers: Maher Baba with the God-intoxicated.

Douglas-Klotz, Neil: (aka Saadi) scholar and Sufi Murshid; student of Moineddin

Jablonski; edited Sufi Vision and Initiation.

Doyle (Wegner): a disciple.

Drew (Langsner): a disciple.

Duce, Ivy: (1895-1981) successor of Rabia Martin; follower of Meher Baba; founder

of Sufism Reoriented.

Durkee, Barbara: (aka Asha) co-founder of Lama Foundation in New Mexico.

Duncan, Isadora: (1878-1927) dancer; revolutionist.

Dunne, Peter Finley: associated with the Temple of Understanding.

Durrani, Professor: Pakistani yogi; Sufi; renowned physicist.


Emerson, Ralph Waldo: (1803-1882) American author, poet, and philosopher.

Erickson, Richard: director of the Alumni Association at UC Berkeley.

Ets-Hokim, Jeremy: San Francisco businessman.

Evenson, Admiral: associated with American Friends of the Middle East.

F Fakir, Asoke: a

Bengali, embraced by Murshid at a


Fatha (Engle): see Bhakti.

Fatima: (aka Pat Lassar Jablonski) a disciple, b. 1946; Moineddin’s wife.

Ferlinghetti, Lawrence: beat poet, b. 1919; contemporary of Jack Kerouac; opened

City Lights bookstore on Columbus Avenue in San Francisco.

Fernandez, Zoso (Paul): chief disciple of Nyogen Senzaki.

Ferry, Diane: a disciple.

Fine, Rabbi Alvin: resident of San Francisco.

Fish, Nancy: an actress; one of Murshid’s goddaughters.

Fiske, Vocha: Murshid’s friend, often referred to as “divine mother.”

Fiyazaddin Sahib: (aka Fayazuddin of Hyderabad) the exoteric head of the Nizamun-

din Chishtis in India.

Fleming, Dean: lived at Libre in Colorado.

Fraley, Jelila: wife of Bob Fraley (aka Muni) and daughter of Bhakti Engle.

Frances (von Briesen): a co-founder of Lama Foundation; Hans’s sister.

Frank, Robert: b. 1924 in Zurich, Switzerland; documentary film-maker.

Frank (Welch): (aka Halim) a disciple, b. 1944.

Franklin, H. Bruce: English Professor, b. 1934; author at Stanford and Rutgers


Fung, Dr.: minister of the Buddhist Universalist Church in San Francisco.

G Galbraith, John Kenneth: b. 1908 in Canada; Berkeley-educated economist; U.S.

ambassador to India in the early 1960s.

Gandalf’s Garden: a group of hippies in London.


Gandhi, Mohandas K.: (aka Mahatma Gandhi) (1869-1948) leader of the struggle

for India’s independence.

Garrett, Eileen: a popular psychic.

Geeting, Baxter M.: professor of Speech in Sacramento, California.

George (Matthews): a disciple.

Ghazzali, Abu Hamid al-: (1058-1111) Sufi mystic born near Mashad, Iran; wrote

Niche of Light.

Ghose, Sri Aurobindo: (1872-1950) established Sri Aurobindo ashram in

Pondicherry, India.

Ghose, Sri Surendra Mohan: Indian congressional leader; recommended Murshid

to the Australian, R.L. Adamson.

Gibbings, Rev. Cecil: served Longthrope Vicarage in Peterborough, England.

Gilbert, W.S., and Arthur Sullivan: (1836-1911 and 1842-1900, respectively)

creators of comic operas loved by Murshid.

Ginger: see Jehanara.

Ginsberg, Allen: (1926-1997) Beat poet; wrote Howl.

Giri, V.V.: (1894-1980) Vice President of India from 1967-1969; President of India


Goddard, Dwight: compiled The Buddhist Bible.

Gold, Marc: a disciple.

Gottlieb, Lou: (1924-1996) commune leader at Morning Star Ranch in Sonoma

County; former bass player for the Limeliters.

Govinda, Lama Anagarika: (1898-1985) a Tibetan Buddhist born in Germany;

author of The Way of the White Clouds.

Gupta, P.K.: an Indian friend of W.D. Begg.

Gurdjieff, George Ivanovitch: (1872-1949) Armenian spiritualist and author.

H Haeckel, Ernst: (

1834-1919) German comparative anatomist, best known for

saying, “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.”

Hafiz: (1317-1390) Sufi poet buried in Shiraz, Iran.

Hammarskjold, Dag: (1905-1961) Swedish statesman; Secretary-General of the

United Nations from 1957 until his death.

Hans (von Briesen): a Lama resident; Frances’s brother.

Harvey, Richard: associated with East-West Foundation in Boston.

Hathaway, Bill: local friend of Murshid.

Hawkins, Dr. Alma: professor at the UCLA Dance Department.

Hassan (aka Sigmund Herz): a disciple, b. 1946; husband of Jehanara.

Hayakawa, S.I.(Don): President of San Francisco State and a U.S. Senator from


Hawthorn, Nathaniel: (1804-1864) American novelist; wrote The Scarlet Letter and

The Great Stone Face.

Hedgepeth, William and Dennis Stock: visited Lama Foundation researching The

Alternative: Communal life in new America.

Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich: (1770-1831) a German philosopher.

Helen and Ray: Saul’s friends living in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Helmholz, A. Carl: a nuclear physicist at UC Berkeley.

Hoffmaster, David: a disciple, b. 1947; Murshid’s housemate.

Holmes, Steward W.: English professor at Castleton State College in Vermont.

Holzhauer, Betty: Mansur’s mother.


Hoodbhoy, Samir A.: Executive Secretary of the Pakistan Students Association of


Hoppe, Art: columnist with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Howard (Mussell): a pre-1967 disciple of Murshid.

Hubbard, Earl: edited The Center Letter from Lakeville, Connecticut.

Hujwiri, Ali ibn Uthman al-: (aka Data Gang Baksh) (AD 988-1073) wrote an

ancient Sufi treatise Kashf al-Madjub.

Hunt, Ed: Murshid’s elderly housemate in the late 1960s, briefly.

Hussain: (aka Dennis H. McGinley) a disciple.

Hussein, Dr. Zakir: (1897-1969) third President of India 1967-1969.

Huxley, Aldous: (1894-1963) English author, wrote Brave New World.

I Iamblichus: (

c. 250-325 BC) Neoplatonic philosopher; wrote the Life of


Ibn Arabi, Muhyi al-din: (1164-1240) mystic born in Spain; died in Damascus.

Iqbal, Mohammed: (1877-1939) Urdu poet-philosopher; instrumental in the

creation of Pakistan.

J Jaffe, Raymond: official at the Experimental Collegiate Program at UC Berkeley.

James (Pickard): a disciple, b. 1943.

James, William: (1842-1910) worked in and between physiology, psychology, and

philosophy; wrote The Varieties of Religious Experience.

Jasmine: (aka Jill Cogswell) a disciple, b. 1948.

Jefferson, Thomas: third President of United States (1801-1809).

Jehanara: (aka Ginger May) a disciple, b. 1946, wife of Hassan Herz.

Jelaleddin: (aka Jeremy Cave) a disciple, b. 1934.

Jemila: (aka Carolyn Buckmaster Johnson) a disciple, b. 1943; Mansur’s wife.

Jennings, C. Robert: author of Playboy magazine’s article about Murshid.

Jeremy: see Jelaleddin.

Jesus: gave teachings that Murshid took seriously, e.g. “Whatsoever ye do unto the

least of these, my brethren, ye do it unto Me.”

Jilani, Abdul Qadir: (1077-1166) Sufi saint buried in Baghdad.

Johnson, Otis and Mabel: Mansur’s grandparents.

Joyner, Russell: office manager of the International Society of General Semantics.


Kaplan, Dr. Abraham: pupil of Daisetz Suzuki.

Kapleau, Philip: Zen master; author of The Three Pillars of Zen.

Kelly, Frank: associated with Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in

Santa Barbara, California.

Kennedy, Susan: staff person in Congressman Phillip Burton’s office.

Kennett, Roshi: (1924-1996) founded Shasta Abbey, Mt. Shasta, California.

Keyser, Cassius: (aka C.J. (Jackson) Keyser) (1862-1947) wrote Humanism and


Khalif Akbar: (aka Jim Simmons) a disciple, b. 1946.

Khan, General Ayub: (1907-1974) President of Pakistan (1962-1969).

Khan, Fazal Inayat: grandson of Hazrat Inayat Khan, son of Hidayat Inayat Khan.

Khan, Hazrat Inayat: (1882-1927) brought the Sufi Message to the United States in


1910; established the Sufi Movement; one of Murshid’s teachers.

Khan, Hidayat Inayat: son of Hazrat Inayat Khan; Vilayat’s brother, b. 1917.

Khan, Maheboob: (1887-1948) Hazrat Inayat Khan’s brother.

Khan, Pir Vilayat Inayat: (1916-2004) son of Hazrat Inayat Khan; Hidayat’s

brother; established the Sufi Order.

Khan, Saadia Khawar: born in Pakistan; a disciple and goddaughter of Murshid;

studied at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Khusrau, Amir: (1253-1325) poet, favorite companion of twelfth-century saint

Nizamuddin Auliya with whom he is buried near Delhi.

Kingsolving, Lester: a religion correspondent for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Kirby, M.T.: (aka Sogaku Shaku) a student of Shaku Soyen, Murshid’s teacher in

1920; introduced Murshid to Nyogen Sensaki.

Korty, John: film director.

Korzybski, Alfred: (1879-1950) wrote Science and Sanity: an introduction to non-

Aristotelian systems and general semantics.

Kosygin, Alexei Nikolayevich: (1904-1980) in 1964 succeeded Krushchev as

Premier of the Soviet Union.

Kozicki, Dr. Richard J.: taught a class on Southeast Asia at UC Berkeley; lived in

Burma and Malaysia.

Krishna: (c. 3228-3102 BC) appeared in India for 125 years; gave the Bhagavad-Gita

(Song of God); danced with the gopis, including Radha; considered an avatar.

Krishnabai, Mother: the spiritual consort of Papa Ramdas at Anandashram,

Kanhangad, Travancore-Cochin, South India.

Krishnadas: (aka Duncan Pierce) a disciple.

Krishnamurti, Jiddu: (1895-1986) adopted in India by Annie Besant; subject of a

documentary by Amertat Fred Cohn at KQED in San Francisco.

Kuchel, Thomas: (1910-1994) Republican U.S. Senator from California 1953-1969.


Lachelt, Theodore: Murshid’s lawyer.

Lal, Dr.: associated with Indian Consulate in San Francisco.

Lama Foundation: a mountain community in New Mexico.

Lame Deer, Archie Fire: wrote Gift of Power.

Lancaster, Lewis: UC Berkeley professor.

Lansdale, General Edward Geary: (1908-1987) author of In the Midst of Wars: an

American’s mission to Southeast Asia; a CIA legend; a hero of Murshid.

Laura (Mathison): a disciple.

Leach, Margaret: Pir Vilayat’s summer camp coordinator.

Leadbeater, C.W.: leader in the Theosophical movement.

Leary, Timothy: (1920-1996) popularized the use of LSD.

Lee, Chingwah: art dealer in San Francisco.

Less, Lonnie: (aka Shahabudin) hosted Murshid in New York City.

Lewis, Elliott: Murshid’s brother.

Lewis, Jacob E.: father of Murshid Samuel L. Lewis.

Lewis, Murshid Samuel L.: (aka Reverend He Kwang and Sufi Ahmad Murad

Chisti) (1896-1971) initiated a revival of the Sufi outlook in the West.

Lindstrum, Charles and Miriam: old friends of Murshid.

Lingo, T.D.: associated with the Adventure Trails Survival School in Black Hawk,


Lings, Martin: author who wrote A Sufi Saint of the 20th Century: Shaik Ahmad al474

Alawi: His spiritual heritage and legacy.

Lytton, Bulwer: (1803-1873) wrote The Coming Race.

M Maharshi, Ramana: (

1879-1950) among the most renowned Indian sages of the

twentieth-century; lived at the holy hill of Arunchala in South India.

Malalasekera, Dr. G.: the United Nations representative from Ceylon.

Mansur: (aka Otis Johnson) a disciple, b. 1941; one of Murshid’s secretaries.

Marcia (Pavolic): a disciple, b. 1943.

Marpa: (1012-1096) known as the Translator; translated scriptures he brought

from India into Tibetan; teacher of Milarepa.

Martin, Murshida (Ada) Rabia: (1871-1947) Inayat Khan’s first mureed (disciple)

in America; extended invitation in 1923 for Khan’s second visit to the states;

appointed Murshid her Khalif (representative).

Martini, Marion: Murshid’s cousin.

Marty (Peller): a disciple.

Mary Sue (Sitton): a disciple, b. 1939.

Marx, Karl: (1818-1883) a socialist philosopher.

Mathieu, Bill: (aka Allaudin) musician; composer; a disciple; director of the Sufi


Matthews, George: a disciple.

McCandless, Mrs.: a literary collaborator with Nyogen Sensaki.

McCloskey, Jr., Paul N.: U.S. representative from California, b. 1927.

McCoy, Don: established Olompali Ranch.

McGee, Norman: Murshid’s godson.

McLellan, Nusi: an old friend of Murshid.

Medlock, Julie: a North American living at Sri Aurobindo’s ashram, Auroville, near

Pondicherry in India.

Melvin: (aka Wali Ali Meyer) a disciple, b. 1942; one of Murshid’s secretaries.

Merchant, Deepak: son of K.T. Merchant.

Merchant, K.T.: Indian professor.

Milarepa: (1052-1135) Tibetan saint; student of Marpa the Translator.

Millay, Edna St. Vincent: a poet Murshid adored; wrote, “The world stands out on

either side, no wider than the heart is wide.”

Mir, Mian: (d. 1635) a Sufi saint from around the time of Akbar.

Miura Roshi, Issho: wrote Zen Dust with Ruth Fuller Sasaki.

Mohammed: (570-632) the last of the prophets; received the Qur’an; founded


Moineddin: (aka Carl Jablonski) (1942-2001) a disciple; Murshid’s chosen

successor; Fatima’s husband.

Moore, Marianne: (1887-1972) an American poet.

Morain, Lloyd: secretary of the International Society of General Semantics.

Morris, Craig, and Donald E. Thompson: wrote Huanuco Pampa.

Morse, Samuel: (1791-1872) invented the telegraph and Morse code.

Moscone, George: (1929-1978) senator in California’s legislature; murdered while

mayor of San Francisco, along with gay activist Harvey Milk, by City Supervisor

Dan White.

Mosley, Rufus: described as a saint; one with whom Murshid had a love


Mossman, Ruth: from Modesto, California; friend of Murshid.


Mary, Mother: (aka Mary Mae Hoffman Maier) (1894-1970) spiritual seeker;

proprietor of The Inn at Mt. Shasta, California.

Mundy, Talbot: (1879-1940) wrote Om, the Secret of Ahbor Valley.

Murphy, George: (1902-1992) U.S. senator from California from 1965-1971.

N Nakagawa Roshi, Soen: (

1907-1984) abbot of Ryutaku-ji in Japan; friend of Nyogen

Sensaki; teacher of Philip Kapleau.

Narita, Hiro: a cinematographer; worked with John Korty.

Nasr, Dr. Seyyed Hossein: a professor from Iran who taught at Harvard.

Nasr-ed-din, Mulla Kwaja: a comic character in Sufi stories.

Nathan (Benjamin Johnson): son of Mansur and Jemila, b. 1966.

Needleman, Jacob: philosophy professor; offered classes at UC Berkeley Extension

in San Francisco.

Nicholson, Reynold Alleyne: (1868-1945) wrote Idea of Personality in Sufism.

Nietzsche, Friedrich: (1844-1900) a German philosopher.

Nizami, Pir-O-Murshid Hassan Sani: grand master of the Chishti order in Delhi.

Nottingham, Professor: offered classes on Asian religions.

Nur-un-nisa: daughter of Moineddin and Fatima.


OTEC: acronym for ocean thermal energy conversion; a technology for producing

electricity from ocean water; promoted by Shamcher.

Ouspensky, Petyr Demianovich: (1878-1947) Russian-born mathematician and

mystic; played St. Paul to Gurdjieff’s Christ.

P Pallis, Marco: (

1895-1990) wrote about Buddhism.

Parisa: (aka Ruth Wintheil) a disciple, b. 1939.

Parrish, Dean Carroll: of UCLA, visited in Los Angeles by Murshid; formerly, a

secretary of Murshid.

Pat: see Fatima.

Patel, A.B.: a leader of the Sri Aurobindo Movement.

Patel, Villabhai: gave Murshid an interview in India.

Patterson, Elizabeth: a resident at the Meher Baba Center in Myrtle Beach, South


Paul (Rognlie): a disciple, b. 1947.

Perls, Fritz: a psychologist connected with the Esalen Institute.

Plato: (c. 427-347 BC) Greek philosopher; student of Socrates; teacher of Aristotle.

Power, Richard: author of The Life and teachings of Joe Miller.

Premanand, Trikanand: grandson of Papa Ramdas.

Price, Iru: Lama Govinda’s host in San Francisco.

Priebe, Reverend Harold: resident of Ojai, California.

Pythagoras: (c. 569-475 BC) Greek philosopher and mathematician famous for his

theorem, a2+b2=c2.


Qadiri, Hazrat Faqir Nur Muhammad Sarwari: (1888?-1960) born in Northwest

Frontier Province of Pakistan; wrote Irfan.


R Rabbit, Peter: lived at Libre, an artist’s community, in Colorado.

Radhakrishnan, Dr. Sarvepalli: (1888-1975) second President of India (1962-67).

Rahman, Tengku Abdul: (1903-1990) the first Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Ram Dass: (aka Richard Alpert) joined with Timothy Leary to popularize LSD,

b. 1941; author of Be Here Now.

Rama, Swami: (1925-1996) wrote Living with the Himalayan Masters.

Ramakrishna, Sri: (1836-1866) his message was his God-consciousness; teacher

of Swami Vivekananda.

Ramdas, Swami: (1884-1963) founded Anandashram near Kanhangad in South

India; wrote God Experience.

Ranganathananda Maharaj, Swami: a Vedanta student of Swami Shivananda

in the Ramakrishna school of Swami Vivekananda, b. 1908; considered by

Murshid “the greatest man in the world.”

Rapp, Dorothy: secretary of the Temple of Understanding.

Reinhold, Fred and Corinne: personal friends of Murshid.

Reiser, Oliver: professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of


Renee (Sager): a disciple, b. 1920.

Reps, Paul: (1895-1990) (aka Saladin) a disciple of Hazrat Inayat Khan; friend of

Murshid; author who compiled Zen Flesh, Zen Bones.

Rhys-David, Thomas William: (1843-1922) and his wife, both English scholars of

the Pali language.

Robinson, Lois: a psychic.

Roerich Museum: 319 W. 107th Street in New York; founded by Russian painter

Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947).

Rohe, Fred: proprietor of New Age health food store in San Francisco.

Rosenblatt, Martin S.: vice president of Gumps department store in San Francisco.

Rosenthal, Harry: Murshid’s uncle.

Ross, F. Clive: English Editor of the journal Studies in Comparative Religion.

Rudhyar, Dane: (1895-1985) astrologer and author.

Rumi: (aka Maulana Roum, or Jelaluddin Rumi) (1207-1273) poet inspired by


Russell, Bertrand Arthur William: (1872-1970) Nobel Prize winning British

philosopher; anti-nuclear activist.

Ruth: see Parisa.

S Sadiq, Major Mohammad: Murshid’s friend in Pakistan who healed cancer and


Sahib, F. Mawlawi: head of the bureau of Arab information in San Francisco.

Sai Baba, Bhagavan Sri Sathya: Indian guru, b. 1926, has 10 million followers.

Sa’id, Abu: (AD 967-1049) Sufi sheikh born in Turkmenistan, disciple of Abu al-

Fadl and Abu ‘Abbass.

St. Denis, Ruth: (1879-1968) a spiritual dancer.

Sakran, Frank C.: executive secretary of the American Council on the Middle East.

Saladin: (1138-1193) a Kurd born in Tikrit, Iraq; recaptured Jerusalem from the


San, Master Seo: (aka Hyoo Jung or Chung Hur) wrote Text for Zen Buddhism, b.



Sapp, David: accompanied Mansur and Phillip to the Ram Dass interview.

Sasaki, Sokei-An: (1882-1945) transmitted the dharma; one of Murshid’s Japanese

Zen teachers; married Ruth Fuller (whose daughter from a previous marriage

was Alan Watt’s first wife); met Murshid in 1930; died the day before Murshid

arrived for another visit.

Sasaki, Ruth Fuller: wife of Sokei-An Sasaki; wrote Zen Dust with Issho Miura


Satchitananda, Swami: (1914-2002) revered yoga master from India.

Saul (Barodofsky): a disciple, b. 1939; Murshid’s Hakim (physician).

Savio, Mario: (1942-1996) leader of the Free Speech movement at Berkeley.

Schaeffer, Rudolph: founded the Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design in San

Francisco; friend of Murshid.

Scherbatsky, F.I.: (also Shcherbatskoi, or Stcherbatsky, Th.) (1866-1942) wrote

Buddhist Logic.

Schuon, Frithjof: (1907-1998) author of Understanding Islam and Gnosis.

Scipio Africanus Major, Publius Cornelius: (c. 236-183 BC) Roman general who

defeated Hannibal in the Punic Wars.

Secrist, Elsie: associated with Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and

Enlightenment (ARE).

Sekhar, Dr. Chandra: Indian demographer.

Senzaki, Nyogen: (1876-1958) Soyen Shaku’s student; a Zen Buddhist teacher of


Seo, Master Kyung Bo: Murshid’s Korean Zen Master; a disciple of Chinese Zen

Master Tai Hsu.

Shaku, Soyen: (1859-1919) attended Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893;

teacher of M.T. Kirby and Nyogen Senzaki.

Shamcher: (aka Bryn Beorse) Norwegian engineer; a disciple of Hazrat Inayat

Khan; friend of Murshid; built OTEC plants in three sizes at UC Berkeley’s Sea

Water Conversion Laboratory; lobbied the federal government for OTEC from


Shankaracharya: Vedantic scholar, b. AD 788.

Shams-i-Tabriz: Jelaleddin Rumi’s spiritual consort.

Sharab and Paul: a couple; friends of Murshid.

Shawn, Ted: Ruth St. Denis’ dance partner.

Sheila (McKendrick): (aka Sheyla) a disciple; resident of Olompali ranch; went to

India with Dara.

Shereef, Pir Dewwal: spiritual advisor to Ayub Khan; in 1962 appointed Murshid

representative of the University of Islamabad in Pakistan.

Shibata, Mr.: owner of the Daibutsu, an Asian art store on Fillmore in San


Shikoh, Prince Dara: (1615-1659) eldest son of Shah Jahan; defeated and beheaded

by his younger brother Aurangzeb in a struggle for the Moghul throne.

Shirin (aka Marion Doyle): a disciple, b. 1944.

Sibley (Cogswell): a disciple, b. 1947.

Silver, Ralph: Nancy Fish’s husband.

Singer, Milton: wrote Krishna: Myths, Rites, and Attitudes.

Sitara: hosted Murshid, Saul and Mansur in Everett, Washington.

Slosberg, Mr.: a banker at Wells Fargo in San Francisco.

Smith, Huston: MIT, Syracuse, and UC Berkeley Professor of Philosophy and

Religion; author of The Religions of Man, re-released as The World’s Religions.


Smith, Russell: Murshid’s former boss; associated with the Asia Foundation.

Smuts, Jan Christiaan: (1870-1950) South African statesman and soldier.

Snow, C.P.: (1905-1980) wrote Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution.

Snyder, Gary: Zen, Beat poet, b. 1930; won Pulitzer prize for Turtle Island.

Snyfeld, Louise: numerologist for Hollywood notables.

Sorenson, Ted: advisor to President John F. Kennedy.

Stockwell, John: associated with the World Union in San Francisco.

Subhuti: the foremost disciple of Buddha in The Diamond Sutra.

Suleiman the Magnificent: (1494-1566) Turkish Sultan for 40 years; rule marked

the apex of the Ottoman Empire.

Summer (Moffat): daughter of Barbara, b. 1965.

Suzuki, Daisetz: (1870-1966) Japanese Buddhist scholar; student of Soyen Shaku.

Swahananda, Swami: a pupil of Swami Ranganathananda Maharaj based in San


T Tai-Hsu: a

Chinese Zen Master; author of Lectures in Buddhism.

Tamalpais: a 2,571 foot mountain in Marin County, just north of San Francisco.

Tansen: a great musician at the court of sixteenth-century, Moghul Emperor


Tart, Charles: a psychologist.

Taylor, Dan: a disciple.

Tedesco, Frank: a disciple.

Terry, Walter: author of Miss Ruth.

Thant, U: Secretary-General of the United Nations, serving from 1961-1971; from

Burma; succeeded Dag Hammarskjold.

Thien-An, Thich: (1926-1980) a Vietnamese Zen master; wrote Zen Philosophy,

Zen Practice.

Townes, Charles H.: Nobel Prize winner in Physics.

Trebitsch-Lincoln: (aka Dr. Ruh) a Buddhist psychic who saw clearly.

Trikanand, Sheela: wife of Premanand Trikanand.

Tussman, Joseph: employee of UC Berkeley Experimental College.

Twain, Mark: (1835-1910) humorist, novelist, wit.

Tyberg, Judith: (1902-1980) a disciple of Sri Aurobindo; founded the East-West

Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

V Van (

Beasley): a

disciple, b. 1946.

Vashti (Morgan): a disciple.

Vilayat: see Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan.

Vivekananda, Swami: (1863-1902) a student of Sri Ramakrishna; attended the

Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893 to present Indian philosophy.

von Stahl, Lottie: a clairvoyant.

Voris, Vera Van: (aka Murshida Vera Corda) (1913-2002) met Murshid in 1937.

W Wachob, Bill: Mansur’s cousin.

Wadia, A.P.: economics guru to K.T. Merchant.

Wagner, Eugene: a Buddhist; spiritual advisor to the Maharani of Sikkim.

Wali Ali: see Melvin.


Wallace, Schatsie (Charlotte): knew about Sri Aurobindo’s ashram.

Wallace, Craig: resident of Ross, California.

Warwick, Dr. & Rev. Neville: Tibetan Buddhist friend of Murshid.

Watts, Alan: (1915-1973) popularizer of Zen.

Wayne (Jaekel): a disciple.

Weismuller, Johnny: an Olympic swimmer, played Tarzan in the movies.

Welch, Holmes: a Harvard professor; wrote The Buddhist Revival in China.

Welch, Lew: (1926-1971) Beat poet; poetry instructor of Murshid at UC Berkeley

Extension; disappeared in the Sierra Neveda foothills at Gary Snyder’s in 1971.

Whiteman, Luther: co-author with Murshid of Glory Roads.

Whitman, Walt: (1819-1892) ecstatic American poet who said, “In all men I see


Wilde, Oscar: (1854-1900) wrote The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Wills, Lynn: Vilayat’s youth secretary in Los Angeles.

Wood, Seth: old friend of Murshid from Marin County, California.

Y Yasutani Roshi, Hakuun: (

1885-1973) Zen Master; teacher of Philip Kapleau.

Yeager, Elizabeth: counseled by Murshid.

Yorty, Sam: (1910-1998) Mayor of Los Angeles 1961-1973.

Z Zaehner, R.C.: taught at All Souls College in Oxford, England; wrote Hindu and

Muslim Mysticism.

Zeinob: (aka Clair (Gwen) Bernham) a disciple, b. 1947.

Zenji, Hakuin: (1686-1769) Zen master in the Rinzai school; first asked, “What is

the sound of one hand clapping?”; wrote The Embossed Tea Kettle.

Zitko, Dr. H. John: founder and president of the World University.