February 24, 1976

Dear Mansur, hope your tour went well. I think we have to wait for Lama’s reply to see what money is available for the flight. Until later, Moin


February 24, 1976

Dear Siddiq and Sakina, Beloved Ones of God,

As-salaam aleikhum… Shalom… Peace…

According to Trans World Airlines, which has a flight direct to Albuquerque from San Francisco, the round-trip fare for an adult is $119.00 (excursion rate).

Due to apparently unreliable cars, each of the construction staff has said he must fly. This includes:

Jelaluddin Cave

Shemseddin Peterson

Nasreddin Yerxa

With the additional fares of Fatima and myself, the total comes to $595.00. However, I also wrote and asked Mansur to come and lead the afternoon practices at the Maqbara (the session just before supper), and he replied that he’d love to but needs round trip fare from Boston which is $311.00.

Now if your allotted figure of $750.00 for staff travel expenses is firm, then somewhere something has got to be trimmed. Otherwise the total comes to $906.47. Please advise.

Of course, Jelaluddin’s and Shemseddin’s wives are each planning to come too, but their fares will be paid for separately. Fatima and I plan to pay separately also for Nooria. This is only proper.


One outside possibility is this: our friend Kent (from Aspen. Lives at the Garden of Allah) has a newer model Micro-bus with a large roof-rack, and says he may be into taking Shemseddin, Radhe and Nasreddin with him to the Lama Camp. This would cut down travel expense money, I think. They would plan to leave from S.F. around May 18 in order to make it to the Work Camp prior to the Maqbara Hut Camp. Kent is himself quite a craftsman, but in this instance perhaps it is best not to consider any more people for staff. However, for driving other staff members he might be allowed to attend the Camp free, especially as he is willing to come and work at the Work Camp. It’s just a suggestion, inshallah.

Also, should the three staff members from here bring their tool-boxes? Please advise. Could Jelaluddin take heavy tools on the airplane? If Kent drove, a lot of tools could be packed on the room of the Micro-bus.

So, as you see, things are still swirling somewhat, although the basi commitments have been made. Love to you all,

For the sake of the Message,


Cc Mansur, Wali Ali