handwritten undated note on a prescription pad

In this Moineddin, undergoing dialysis, writes of  doing tassawuri murshid [attunement to the teacher] and contacting the being of  Mansur.

This note follows Mansur’s comment in a letter dated November 15, 1977, in which Mansur wrote: “Putting Murshid in the silsila after Hazrat Inayat Khan matches with my feeling at the time. Or, to put it another way, successors not only are appointed but they also move at one with the spirit of the predecessor. Heartfelt praise.”


Dear Mansur,

As-salaam Aleikhum!

Just finished a morning’s work at the Khankah office in Novato—where I now work Bismillah due out in a month or so, inshallah.

I went into the Khankah Chapal [the former living room at 910 Railroad Avenue, Novato, California] to practice Tassawuri Murshid, as a preparation for writing a statement on the “Silsila Sufian.” [the chain of succession] How surprised I was when it was your being I attuned to instead of Murshid’s per se!

The entire heart-felt & yearning spirit of sonship to Murshid came through with such beauty & force of feeling that I accepted it without question as a direction transmission from the sphere.

It helped me considerably to finalize the statement at hand.

Alhamdu Lillah!