June 15, 1978, to all at Noor Mahal


1105 Ginter Avenue, Iowa City, Iowa

June 15, 1978

Dear Fatima, Nooria, Noah, Shamseddin, Salaman, Christine, Ramabai, Sabzpari, Hassan, Aarifa, Asa and Bari (have I left anyone out?),

As-salaam aleikhum!

This will no doubt be my last letter to you before returning Tuesday night. Although I forgot [to] mention it in my last letter to you all before leaving, I hope you have been keeping the Prayers said regularly. Will I be astonished at the kitchen progress upon my return? No doubt I will be astonished one way or the other!

Tonight I give the Dance Meeting in Iowa City at the Unitarian Church. (That’s where we attended John [Connor] and Pam’s wedding, Fatima.) Apparently Rahima has put several posters up around town, though I haven’t seen any yet.  And old friend, Dick Potter, called to say he’d come to the meeting. My brother Paul, and brother John and his spouse, Kim, and their new 3-week old baby, Peter Isaiah, will also be coming. I feel a little nervous about the meeting, but it’s just the usual butterflies, and I’m sure everything will smooth out.

My Vet’s Hospital dialysis yesterday was 100% better than the one in Kansas City, as I ran on a Redy machine with a Travenol 1200 kidney, all the usual stuff that I’m used to. However, the unit here has only one chair, otherwise mostly beds which I don’t like much. So they’re going to try to get me the chair for tomorrow and Monday, inshallah. The food is quite passable.

[a paragraph about eating pork tenderloin burgers at Hamburg Inn #2 and a cheeseburger after the dialysis]

I long for home…

Love and blessings,