March 8, 1978, by Daniel

Abd al-Rahman

114 E. Mohave Rd.

Tucson, AZ 85705

(602) 888-9211

Moineddin, brother in Murshid’s Jamiat

There is a time for inaction and a time for action. May your action and inaction be one in the peace of Allah.

I find it necessary to make certain statement of fact. I have no intention to use Truth as a hammer or weapon, but pray that the light of wisdom will clarify the concerns which have confused many in the Order, as the morning Sun dispels the valley’s mists.

(1) I am not and have never been a member of Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society.

(2) When the SIRS Jamiat was the Jamiat as established by Murshid SAM, by coincidence of members, I sat on that Jamiat. The Jamiat which may have met February 26, 1978, to which I was not invited, is not that Jamiat, but is a Jamiat established by Moineddin.

(3) SIRS is the personal organization of Moineddin. It was founded by Moineddin, not by Murshid Samuel L. Lewis (PBOH), to carry out such aspects of Murshid’s work as were entrusted to Moineddin.

(4) Samuel Lewis, on his deathbed, said “Daniel is to be my successor…after Moineddin…”

(5) There is no schism in Sufi Order. SIRS was always an independent organization (though it would not have remained so were it not for my intervention shortly after Murshid’s death).

If individual mureeds believe that they have resigned from Sufi Order, they are mistaken, and they are relieved of no responsibilities by an illusion of resignation.

One who perceives “sides” to be “chosen” in a “schism” is doubly confused.

(6) I have never neglected the duties of a sheikh insofar as my Murshid established those duties or as they have been subsequently revealed to me, although it would not be relevant to the legitimacy of succession if I had.

(7) Murshid SAM did not confer upon Moineddin the right to initiate to the 10thdegree; if that right exists, it proceeds from another source. Neither was that right conferred by Pir Vilayat.

(8) Perfection is reserved for Allah.

Copies of all materials in my files, from Murshid and others, are available to qualified persons for 3 cents per copy plus postage.

With all best wishes for you health and clarity,

Your heart,


Abd al-Rahman

March 8, 1978