November 19, 1978

Art Hoppe clipping from SF Chronicle

November 19, 1978

Dear Mansur,

As-salaam aleikhum!

Just returned from having blueberry cheese turnovers at an Occidental café run by nice young Gurdjieff people. Then stopped by Allaudin and Hafizah’s new ‘farm-ette’—a 6-acre retreat a few miles outside of Sebastopol. Hafizah is Zamyat’s new name.

The name of their place is “Psalmgarden” and serves as one of our retreat locations, besides the Garden of Inayat (Murshid’s bedroom) and Allah’s Acres. Probably one of these years there will be a space here at Noor Mahal too, inshallah.

Your article on OTEC was very well realized. Assume you send Shamcher copies too. “Concentration is all the power there is.” (H.I.K.)

Thought you’d get a chuckle from the enclosed column by Art Hoppe…

Love to All,

(signed) The Jablonski’s,

Moineddin and Fatima, et, al.