November 6, 1975

During the course of this correspondence would come Pir Vilayat’s declaration which resulted in the separation of the Sufi Order from Murshid's group, which organized as the Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society, or S.I.R.S., which is mentioned in the first letter.

Also mentioned are Ayesha, Hassan, Wali Ali, Fatima, Qayyum, Nathan, Murshid Hassan, and Pir. These refer, respectively, to Mansur’s wife, Ayesha [now Geneve] Johnson, Hassan Herz, Wali Ali Mayer, Moineddin’s wife, Fatima Jablonski, Qayyum and Nathan, Mansur’s sons from, respectively, Geneve and Taj Inayat [Jemila in Murshid] Ananda, Geneve’s daughter Amanda Milt, Murshid Hassan, a visiting Sufi from Turkey, and Pir Vilayat Khan.

Dear Mansur and Ayesha, Beloved Ones of God,

As-salaam aleikhum!

Hassan too was very impressed with the two heart cells which beat in unison. He saw the show too and told me about it just after I got your letter.

I think Wali Ali would be better to tell you what writings you are missing of Murshid’s His files are the most complete. Certainly, I would be glad to let you know what my files contain—and take things up from there.

It was good to see you too, Mansur, and to meet Ayesha at last. Always she has been someone I just couldn’t get a picture of, and when we met her in Cambridge after the Cosmic Mass it suddenly became beautifully clear! Glad to hear that life in Hull is bringing with it the possibility of community, inshallah.

I told Fatima hello. She sends love.

Qayyoom is quite a guy. Quite a guy.

Nathan seemed to be doing O.K. at the Abode but I didn’t really see him much. Trust Ananda is fine.

The immediate goals of S.I.R.S. are to come to some kind of resolution on the matter of “Initiation”—especially as it has been catalyzed by the recent visit of Murshid Hassan. Externally, there appear to be differences of opinion and even behavior, but the inner reality is what we want to bring to the surface, thereby overcoming external confusions. This is going to take a lot of concerted effort. Our Jamiat is set for this Saturday. Ya Fattah!

Fatima and I are looking to buy a new used Toyota station wagon, preferably a 70 or 71 Mark II. I’m expecting a call from the San Rafael dealer any minute.

Enjoyed your weather so much. Now ours is very much similar, clear blue sky, a few of the deciduous trees in Marin turning yellow now, and good air to breathe after a bit of rain.

Perhaps we’ll see you here in January for the next Leader’s Seminar with Pir. The dates are Jan. 13 -17, I think.

Love and blessings,

Moineddin, Fatima, Noor and Noah