October 13, 1978, by Moin's secretary Fatima Roberts

That Moineddin distributed copies of my INDEX was gratifying to me, because making it was a labor of love. For Moineddin to share it with his students, hopefully, meant that others were studying The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan just as I had. This letter reminds readers that dialysis was an on-going necessity for Moineddin to continue to live, and, further, shows that secretary Fatima Roberts was adept at Tassawuri Murshid.


Noor Mahal

October 13, 1978

Dear Mansur,

Beloved One of Allah, as-salaam aleikhum!

Here is our check for $8 for our sales of four copies of your index to the Sufi Message. That is all our copies to date. All is well here at Noor Mahal. The kitchen is approaching completion at last, and now is quite functional except for the dishwasher. That should be in by next week. Then only the flooring remains to be done in final form. Alhamdulillah!

We are having a few more days of Indian Summer here which permits us to keep swimming in the pool. Moineddin went in today just before dialysis, and we all went in yesterday.

Tomorrow Fatima and Shemseddin are going to Palo Alto to give a day long Walks seminar. And at the same time Moineddin will give Darshan here tomorrow morning.

Jai Ram!

Fatima Roberts