October 5, 1977


October 5, 1977

Dear Mansur,

Nothing much to report at this time. Just wanted to send the enclosed article [see the accompanying thumbnail] on Breath and Western Science [“The Yogis had the Right Idea Long Ago”, S.F. Sunday Examiner & Chronicle, October 2, 1977], plus the following rubaiyat from Sarmad who was beheaded by Aurangzeb. (Sarmad was Dara Shikoh’s teacher.)

“Long years have passed

Since Mansur gave the world

His message, and its holy influence

Grows faint; I must revive it now and give

Fresh power to it with the help of these:

The headman’s binding rope and block of wood!

Death gives a longer life to sons of God!”

Otherwise, business as usual.

Love and love,

Moin (signed)