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Printed photos are available through the mail, with a select few available as printable, instant downloads.

Photos from the book "Murshid"

Beautiful photos from the chapters of Mansur Johnson's book on life with Murshid.

Photos from the book "In The Garden"

More photos from Mansur's collected as printed in "In The Garden."

As is evident from the Letters from Moineddin [January 12, 1975], my photography has been important to me for a long time.

In 8th grade the class took a test to determine what vocation we liked.

The test was reading through a book of descriptions of different vocations.

I choose photographer.

Photographing Murshid was what I liked to do. It was the least I could do to bring fame to one who deserved it, but had been rejected most of his life by the powers that be.

And when I got into the movie business [search for Mansur Johnson on for my movie resume, mentioning 29 of my 44 motion picture and tv credits], I worked around the camera, as loader, focus puller, camera grip, and grip, mostly grip. The boss was the D.P., the Director of Photography.

My 8th grade choice was manifested.