This chapter of Letters from Moineddin was difficult to title, because it includes postcards (November 5, 1976), a copy of a diplomatic speech (February 24, 1977), a book review (March 31, 1977  ), the announcement of his kidney transplant (March 23, 1977), healing practices for himself (December 4, 1976), and advice to friend Mansur about a teacher's appropriate behavior with the ladies (February 14, 1977) and more. So I called it "Postcards."

In a couple sentences on a postcard, Moineddin shares his creative process when he writes a poem.

The “Geneva Papers” referred to in the postscript postcard refer to items gathered at the conference of The Temple of Understanding that Murshid and Mansur attended in 1970. They were 9 cent postcards with a return address from Hurkalya

147 Humboldt Ave. San Anselmo, Calif. 94960

November 5, 1976

Dear Mansur,

Yah, the artists life for sure. One minute here, one minute there. Actually, what I do is to concentrate on those moments in my personal history or in flights of the creative imagination when all of a sudden everything gets real illuminated and clear. If I an get to this place the poem builds itself. Otherwise it’s just like stacking bricks.

How’s the health? Well, the ‘health’ is being treated, but the HEALTH is improving considerably. I think you know what I mean.

A nice young fellow from up your way came to our Wednesday meeting last. He sent love from the lady and her kids who you drove back to Mass. After the Maqbara camp. God bless you too.




2ndpostcard, same day,

P.S. I sent the package of Geneva Papers that you and Murshid brought back several years ago from your trip abroad. Needed file space.