September 15, 1977

This letter concerns Moineddin's realization that Mansur is neither resigning from the Sufi Order or alligning with his spiritual brothers and sisters in California. The next letter, September 19, 1977, contains Mansur's full explanation of his difficult non-decision. What strikes me is how like Murshid is Moineddin’s sharing of information near the end of this letter, of his shepherding of the mureeds and mention of the “group,” which, to those familiar with Murshid’s book Toward Spiritual Brotherhood, refers to the chapter that talks about the group functioning as one. The part that always appealed to me was the notion that a handful of people working together could change the world.


September 15, 1977

Dear Mansur,

When you phoned the other day I construed your conversation with Pir Vilayat to mean that you were going to support ‘me’ (meaning Moineddin, S.I.R.S. or whatever). Then your second phone call led me to realize that you had really meant that you were supporting and aligning with Pir. I apparently mistook the personal pronoun when Pir asked you: “Are you with me?” and thought you were referring to Moineddin.

At any rate, I am happy that you feel strongly enough to go along with Pir and the Sufi Order. There is a series of relationships between you and Taj, you and Pir, Nathan, and so on that cannot be gainsaid. On the other hand, the mood of S.I.R.S. at this time is firm and prepared to go ahead. Murshid S.A.M. has touched, nay, ignited, many hearts, and the net result of this is that quite a lot of Centers wish to re-organize along S.I.R.S. lines.

Also, our land search seems to be picking up momentum now. There is a group of some 30 mureeds who are in varying stages of preparedness, some ready to go immediately and maintain the focus, while others in the process of weaning ourselves away from present circumstances must funnel money into it meanwhile. It has taken many years, but finally the group seems ready, inshallah.

Must sign off now, due to a deadline for the new combined Dance Manual which we are publishing soon.

God bless you