September 6, 1978, certificates

Noor Mahal, 758 D Street, Petaluma, California 94952

September 6, 1978

Dear, Dear Mansur,

Allah be with you!

No, my feelings were not hurt. I took it as wisdom that your book should be crowned with such a cover picture. Actually, I only wanted one print for my office here; Murshid’s mood in that shot is so very special, and I felt it would be a good influence on me—especially in my work space. [This relates to my reserving the Murshid at Mt. Shasta picture for the cover of the book Murshid, finally published in 2006, rather than releasing it “early.”]

I include one of me for you; it’s from Mendocino Camp, 1977.

Wali Ali is up to snuff! He is teaching kindergarten at an alternative school operating within the S.F. school system!

He and I are doing an exchange next week: he is coming up here to Noor Mahal to give Darshan to the Marin and Sonoma mureeds, and I am driving to S.F. to give Darshan to the city mureeds. It should be a fine way to begin our fall schedule of events, inshallah.

Shahabuddin and Kothr-an-neda just had a baby boy last week. I wrote a note of congratulations saying that the shooting star (Shahab) weeded a sparkling drop of dew (Kothr-an-neda) and produced a crescendo in the divine symphony (Vadan, the child’s name)!

“The Lila (cosmic play) of God and the Sadhana (spiritual struggle) of man must become wedded in Love; then, through Grace, it is possible tha the Child of Liberation may be conceived.”

Love and love,