Murshid and Politics

I want to preface these articles with a short explanation of why political articles are included in a site originally conceived to market a spiritual biography of Samuel Lewis. It's because Murshid was political. From his concern for peace in the Middle East, to fighting communists in Pakistan, to lamenting the State Department's inability to heed his friend's warnings about Vietnam, in letters to Senators and Congressmen, Murshid was political. The book Sufi Vision and Initiation, edited by Neil Douglas Klotz, shows the breadth of his involvement in politics. As one of his students, I am seeking to follow his example through travel and writing. To quote Shamcher, "Politics is Sufism in action."


Globalizing Labor Against Coca-Cola

U.S. Colombia policy yields misery, death, Thursday, February 21, 2002 Arizona Daily Star

Colombian paramilitaries are bloodying U.S. aid dollars, July 31, 2002, Arizona Republic

Text of Deborah James interview in Caracas, Venezuela 

Video of Deborah James interview in Caracas, Venezuela

Guatemala Still Suffers, Food Conspiracy Newsletter, August 15, 2002

Interview with Rodrigo Asturias, September 6, 2003, in Quetzaltenango [Xela] Guatemala

OTEC Update, from 2010 bio