December 10, 1970: Release & Consent


Samuel L. Lewis (hereinafter referred to as the undersigned) does hereby consent to being photographed and recorded by motion picture cameras, sound recorders, or other means, by SUFI FILM PRODUCTIONS, their employees or agents. For good and sufficient consideration received and hereby acknowledged, the undersigned does grant to said parties the right to include his visual image, the recording of his talk or performance, and the contents thereof, in finished motion pictures being made by said parties. He acknowledges and consents that said films may be exhibited publicly, theatrically, by broadcast media, or by other means, and hereby consents to such public exhibition.

A portion of the consideration for the agreement of the undersigned is his understanding and agreement that said film companies have agreed to donate a significant portion of the proceeds of the film or films being produced to charitable, religious organizations (which may be done irrespective of whether they have formally recognized charitable status under the tax law). The undersigned does hereby waive any claim to further compensation for this release, the consents contained herein, or the use of his visual image, or voice associated therewith in said films.

Signed at Novato this 10thday of December, 1970.

Samuel L. Lewis

910 Railroad Avenue


Witness: Mansur Johnson